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...Dear ELP Students,

Thanks for checking for ELP assignments!  I have attached two creativity activities for you to have some fun with.  Your first assignment is to email me using your school email address so I can see if you are receiving this ELP news. Then you can finish your persuasive writing assignment which is to write a letter to a school employee persuading them to make a change in the school.  Remember our example of writing to the school lunch workers persuading them to include desserts at lunch time?  Remember the hamburger model graphic essay, you will need to write an introduction paragraph, 3  paragraphs that include three reasons (with at least one detail sentence per reason) and a conclusion paragraph. So your total essay will be 5 paragraphs in length. Each paragraph must have at least 3 sentences.  You have done this many times before so you can do it again at home!  Write the essay then take a picture of it and send it as an attachment to me via email or you can type it as a word document and send the word document as an attachment to me via email. Try to send me the final essay/letter by this Friday, March 20. Email me with any questions or concerns!  Have a great Spring break!  Mrs. Rasmussen



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