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Principal's Message

Riley Families:

I feel privileged to serve as your Principal.  Our employees and I have a moral obligation to make sure students are physically and emotionally safe and receive an equitable education that will provide a foundation for them to be successful in college.  I would like to emphasize a few topics:

1. We want to partner with parents!  A parent mentioned that she would like us to have a Kindergarten promotion last year.  Guess what happened?  We had a Kindergarten promotion.  A parent suggested we give more notice to parents about events at the school.  Guess what happened?  We scheduled all of our Family Nights for the year.  Parents stated they liked home visits.  Guess what is happening?  We will do home visits again this year so please invite your teacher to do a home visit if you feel comfortable with this.  We are serious about getting to know you better and responding to your needs!

2. Our vision continues to be:

Dream-We have the capacity to learn at high levels through meaningful collaboration and self-reflection.

Achieve-We consistently have high expectations for ALL and we don’t give up. 

Create-We celebrate learning opportunities!

Together-We promote a safe and caring environment where everyone can be vulnerable and feels valued, supported and capable. 

3. Please make sure students are reading 20 minutes every night.  If students can’t read yet, please read to them.  Also, check with your students teachers about what basic math facts (single digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) students need to review and practice these for 5 minutes every night. 

We genuinely love all of you and your children.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you and your family.

Dan Aragon