About Our School

Facts About Riley

  • Our diverse student body represents various ethnicities, nationalities, and languages.
  • Riley is a Title I School which uses federal money to improve the educational program offered to students for the purpose of increasing student achievement.
  • Our School Improvement Plan includes ensuring academic success for our students specifically in Language Arts, Math, and Science.
  • Our teachers focus their instruction on the Utah Common Core Curriculum. Students are assessed through RISE on core concepts each spring.
  • We have a Certified/Licensed Teacher in the library learning center teaching informational and literacy skills.  The Library Technology Teacher supports the language arts and science core curriculum.
  • We have the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Art grant in our school. Currently we have music classes for grades 3-5 and art classes for all grades.
  • We have a Spanish speaking full-time school counselor as well as a Spanish speaking Family Involvement Assistant to work with our students and their families.
  • We have Two Valley Behavioral Health therapists that provide counseling to students based on referral and parental consent.
  • We offer a Pre-Kindergarten and two full-day Kindergarten classes.
  • We have resource teachers who support students needing additional help in core subjects.
  • Students receive free breakfast in the classroom.
  • We participate in the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables program.
  • We have an After School Program with Mundi Music teaching students guitar or piano twice weekly.
  • Riley has after-school clubs run by teachers who teach music and ukelele, Battle of the Books and Bot teaching robots, reading and crafting, and an active outdoor club as well.
  • The Riley Pride Garden gives students first-hand experience in life science skills and we had a lettuce party.



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