Principal's Message

Dear Riley Families,

I want to use this opportunity to highlight our wonderful fine arts programs that we have going on at Riley. 

First, we have three music teachers that come to our school and work with most grade levels.  One teacher specializes in violins.  This teacher’s name is Wendell Hurst.  Another teacher is focusing on general music and singing.  Her name is Melissa Swingle.  And the third teacher is focusing on musical theatre.  This music teacher's name is Joleen Porter. 

We also participate in the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Program.  This allows us to have a part-time dance teacher.  Tina Misaka is our dance teacher, and she is an expert at dance.  She also works with students at our neighbor school Mountain View.  Her work with students will result in performances several times this year.

We also partner with the Sorenson Center and the Mundi Project to provide piano lessons to our 3rd and 5th grade students twice a week!  Interested students leave school to go to the Sorensen Center and develop their piano skills. 

We are lucky to have these wonderful fine arts programs.  The arts allow students to shine in ways that they might not otherwise be able to.  Sometimes, a student who struggles in some aspects of school can really be excellent in the arts.  The arts build student confidence and allows them to associate with their peers differently than in a traditional classroom environment.

We are proud of our arts programs at Riley and will continue to let you know when we will be showcasing the hard work of these programs.  Of course, it is important to note that the time students spend learning the art form is much more beneficial than any end product.  The process allows them to gain so much.

Enjoy some pictures of our fine arts programs in action!


Dr. Martin




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