Our Character Word of the Month! Courage!

Please help us reinforce those word of the month.  Talk about what it means to show courage with your children!

Definition: bravery; knowingly facing a difficult, scary, or new experience. 

Ways to show COURAGE:

  • Courage is the discovery that you may not win and trying when you know you can lose.  Always try your best—you’ll never know what you can achieve unless you take some chances. 
  • The greatest roadblock to success is the fear of failure.  Show some courage and see what you can achieve.
  • “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.”
  • “If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything.”  Show some courage!
  • “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” --Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh
  • Wherever you go, there will always be people who say that you are not good enough.  Prove them wrong.  Show some courage and go for your goals.
  • Think about a time when you showed courage.  Be proud of yourself for facing something difficult, scary, or new.  You are brave.  Keep it up!

Second Cup of Coffee

2nd Wednesday of the month.

When:  November 9, Nueve de Noviembre 

Time:  8:30 a.m.


Parents' Right to Know

You have a right to access the qualifications and certifications of the teachers who work with your children.  We have this information available in the front office if you are interested.

Breakfast in the Classroom

Why do we have it?  We have increased the number of students eating breakfast from 50% to over 90%.  Students are more likely to eat rather than just play in the morning when they have a structured classroom environment. 

How can parents support it?  We ask that parents drop their children off at the cafeteria doors and then leave.  This helps us transition smoothly into the school day.  It stalls the start of our school day if parents are helping with breakfast bags or other beginning of the day routines.  We love to teach our Riley schools how to be independent in the morning.  For younger students, they get a little more emotional if parents stay to see them through the breakfast line.  Thanks for your help with this.

Where does the model come from?  This is a model that is being experimented with in many parts of the country.  Riley teachers and administration observed schools in Ogden School District to see how to design our program.

We are always willing to hear your feedback about how to improve our Breakfast in the Classroom Program.




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