Winter Breaks Ends

Winter break continues thru January 5.  We come back to school on Monday, January 8th.  Join us for breakfast that morning starting at 8:05 am.  School starts at 8:20!  Hope you are having a great break!

Open Enrollment

Press Release/Notice


For the coming school year, students interested in enrolling in a Salt Lake City school, who live outside the district or school boundaries, may submit an Open Enrollment Application during the Early Enrollment period from December 1, 2017 through February 16, 2018. Applications are taken in the Student Services Department of the Salt Lake City School District Administration Building.


Students may apply for enrollment in schools designated as “Open” to transfer. Selected schools, programs and grades may be at capacity for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year and not available as a choice for out-of-resident students. A list of available schools, grades, and programs or other information pertaining to the open enrollment policy may be obtained after November 30, 2017 from the Student Services office at the above address or by calling (801)578-8206 or (801)578-8475.


Students currently enrolled in (6th) grade must apply for transfer to the middle school of their choice and eighth (8th) grade students must make application for the high school of their choice during the Early Open Enrollment period.


A $5.00 processing fee will be charged at the time of application and may be waived for qualified applicants.


Parents and students will be notified in writing by March 31, 2018 of acceptance or rejection of the request for an Open Enrollment transfer to that school.


* * * * * *


A currently enrolled nonresident student shall be permitted to remain enrolled, subject to the same rules and standards as resident students, without renewed applications in subsequent years unless any of the following occurs:


· The student graduates or is no longer a Utah resident;


· The student is suspended or expelled from school;


· The district determines that school enrollment will exceed the open enrollment threshold;


If the transfer of a currently enrolled student is being rejected for the coming year, parents will be notified in writing by March 15, 2018.

Family Reading Buddies

Thanks to all the families who came out for our Family Reading Buddies!  What a great way to see our families involved and to promote a love of reading!  See the pictures here:


Student of the Month

Check out pictures of our Students of the Month!


Parents' Right to Know

You have a right to access the qualifications and certifications of the teachers who work with your children.  We have this information available in the front office if you are interested.

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