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March 30th - April 3rd, 2015

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30 de marzo – 3 de abril, 2015

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Photo of Riley Elementary School

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Riley Library Titlewish Fundraiser

Riley library is holding an online Titlewish fundraiser starting on March 17th and ending April 17th. 100 % of the money this program raises will go directly to purchasing new materials for the school library.

The goal for this fundraising program is $10,000 dollars. The money will be used to purchase nonfiction books. If you would like to make a donation online, please click on the Titlewish link below:

Titlewish Fundraiser

Sage Testing

Read more about SAGE Testing

Student and Family resources - This page provides access to general information about SAGE, and learning resources linked to your student test results.

Halloween Dance and Parade


Teachers, administrators, parents, and students enjoyed a Halloween parade in the gym. Checkout our fun pictures of ghosts, witches, and other creatures.

1, 2, 3



5th grade dancers



Online Meal Payment System

Parents can make online meal payments for the school cafeteria with no service fee. To read more about the program click on the brochure. If you want to start making payments click on the MyPaymentPlus link below:

Brochure for MyPaymentPlus


New Time Schedule

Riley Elementary has a new time schedule for the 2014-2015 school year. Click on the links below for more information.



Riley Family Fitness Night

Students, parents, and Riley staff enjoyed a fun evening of family fitness activities. Play the video to see all the fun!


Riley Science Program

Students and teachers are excited about the new Riley Science Program. Classes meet with Mrs. Shields for hands-on science lessons and labs.

Hands-on science experiment with teacher and students.


Uniform Policy

Our dress code policy was designed to be as easy and inexpensive as possible for parents. As you purchase new school clothing for students, please keep dress code colors and specifications in mind. It is expected that ALL students will comply with the dress code policy.

Click here or image below to view the entire policy.

uniform policy